It is the same with modern grow boxes as with electric razors? There are no possible significant improvements? Wrong! Especially with a highly crucial point of homegrowing – the effective light that really reaches the plants – there are still advantages left to gain. No only in tenths of a percent, but a real significant growth in direction to the optimum. The well known producer Homebox even speaks of a more of about 20% of effective light that serves the plant. This is thanks to a new coating on the inner tents: PAR+ is the magic word! The enhancement of PAR – Photosynthetically Active Radiation
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Growtents by Homebox are well known for best results and for an efficient grow on small setting. To provide these advantages, Eastside Impex (producer of Homebox)
offers a whole fleet of various tents in all sizes. So you can choose from a large set to find you best-practise box with ideal proportions for your very room. So, there should be no wishes left regarding the size of the tents, but a lot of growers are detered by the rather high price of original Homebox tents. But there is a silver line on the horizon: despite losses regarding the light proofment, you can secure a full-scale Homebox for rather small money.

This offer aims chiefly at grower, who are not punished by external and unwelcome light source, which would have a bad influence to the photo period of the plants. As long as the box is used in a indoor facility without contact to e.g sun rays or other sources of external light, there is nur use to have a light proofed box and you can easilier grow with a LiteBox. In most cases, you wont have any problems with your breed and even yield quantitative is compareable to high-class, light-proofed Homeboxes.

Apart fromthe differences in matters of the material properties, a Homebox Lite is a 100% reliable breeding box, which isnt second to the bigger brother and sisters regarding mounting possiblities for hoses and wires, load capacity and functionality. If you are going to grow in a dark cellar, an attic without windows or in a separate chamber, you wont have any reason to buy a high-end box. Tip:: Looking for a all-in-one set with a homebox lite? Please check our
Growbox Tool

The Homebox by Eastside Impex are first choice Growtents if you are want to have a solid Box with all essentials for a decent price. But, like Growboxes in general, these tents are limited in two important aspects of plant breeding. On the one hand, you are restricted on the very size of the box, on the other side, the frame of these tents is not made for particular heavy equipment. The first problem was solved by Eastside Impex by the design of the easy-to-use modular Homeboxsystems.. But there are also good news for heavyweight-growers with a affectation for rather solid equipment like silencers, high-end ventilation and massy filters: Homebox Hercules frame enhancements

Homebox Hercules

homebox hercules frame enhancementsInstead of introducing a completly new series, Eastside Impex designed a simple add-on opportunity for your existing Homebox.
Hercules systems offers just sturdy frames that are assimilable to your box in the most easy way and enhance the maximum load of the frame construction, which provides significant possibilities for a more of equipment.
Just take care to choose the right Hercules extension. It always depends on the very box you own. The following versions are available:

  • Homebox Hercules 120 – for your growbox with 120cm of width – capacity: 120kg
  • Homebox Hercules 145 – for your growbox with 145cm of width – capacity: 120kg
  • Homebox Hercules 240 – for your growbox with 240cm of width – capacity: 140kg
  • Homebox Hercules 290 – for your growbox with 290cm of width – capacity: 140kg

Homebox Equipment Board

homebox equipment boardIf you prefer a tidy growbox, take a look at the Homebox Equipment Board. Up to 30kk of growing equipment are to mount on this useful device.
No more stepping and kicking on precious ballast, fans or meters: This board give you easy access to every corner of the tent. You can use this extension with every tent of 2 meter height. Dont give a chance to chaos!

Growrooms like HomeBox or others are used by self supporters without adequate possibilities for cultivation area – most of them are urban dwellers. Growrooms are perfect for a regulated grow without the big deal of pollution (water, soil, nutrients, etc) other method would bring. Better than growing on your window board as your grandma always did. Equipent like grow bulbs and ventilation can be arranged most suitable on poles and clambs explicit designed for that purpose. These tents are made for growing in your living room.

As the years gone by and the producers of famous HomeBoX growtents were relentless to enhance their product and did so in co-operation with the important US-Producer „Everest Garden Supply“ … the birth of the next generation of growrooms: the Growlab.

HomeBox heir: Growlab

Growlab does not start over with a complete new concept, but enhance an established system to ease growers day to day desaster and provide an extra of possibilities for equipment. An acquainted problem of
previous tents is gone now: zippers are much more robust and are also to handle for rather commonsensible users.

If you felt limited by the construction poles of former versions, this matter is also gone. Up to 45kg of fans, filters, bulbs and timers may be added to your Growlab. The luminous reflectance of the growlabs inner surface was improved again to avoid stray light. Remarkable: Growlabs thermoreflection allows only 3% of heat to dispense. 97% thermoprotection is the result.

Almost a cottage

Growers can select between a wide range of different box sizes. For small tasks like growing seedlings there are rather small boxes available (e.g GL40 40cmx40cmx120cm). Bigger tents like the huge GL290 with almost three meters of length and width seems to be habitable.


A very special feature is unfortunately not part of each Growlab size: GL80, GL120 and GL145 provides a window to check your grow without entering the box itself. Other versions are planned to equip with this nice feature in future.

All our Homebox Modular Sets now reduced in price.

By combining the three basic modules it is possible to configure the perfect growing tent for your home. The Homebox Modular allows optimal exploitation of the space at your home.