The original Solopipe is very popular in the US and has finally arrived in Europe. For an advantageuous introductory price available in our pipe shop.


The Solopipe combines a high quality tobacco smoking pipe with a refillable butane lighter. The flame of the lighter is adjustable.

The Solopipe is the perfect pipe for mobile use, it is easily useable with only one hand and fits neatly in your pocket. Included is a little bag and also a hard case for easy and safe transport.

This is the best chance to get a Homebox XXL+ or Homebox XL+.
We’ve got a bunch of Homebox Seconds XXL+. Homebox Seconds mean that they are very cheap thanks to a minor manufacturing flaw. The interior isn’t perfectly white as with the common Homeboxes but slightly gray / dull.

The well-known Homebox quality is not affected by this. They are as sturdy and handy as the standard Homebox Classics.

Furthermore we got the Homebox Seconds XL+ with the same flaw.

The difference is quite hard to shoot. But this picture illustrates it quite nearly. To the left is the interior of the Homebox offered here, to the right the interior of the common Homebox.

All our Homebox Modular Sets now reduced in price.

By combining the three basic modules it is possible to configure the perfect growing tent for your home. The Homebox Modular allows optimal exploitation of the space at your home.

Finally back!

We cleared up our premises and found quite a bunch of remaining stock and discontinued bongs. No we are squandering them in sets including lighter, grinder and screens. You can choose between two sets according to the bong size.

One set contains a bong with a height of 30 cm and more (some of them up to 50cm), the other set contains bongs smaller than 30cm but no midgets.

# Remaining Stock Bong Set 30+
# Remaining Stock Bong Set 30-