Heres to you – you damned of the earth and prisoners of starvation. Do not forget to get baked at sunday.

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You are looking for the final kick of 2015? For yourself or your homie? See here our suggestions. Tenderly selected from our toplists and bestsellers of 2015 for a most eventful 2016. TGIF

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It’s friday and – in our time zone – it is getting closer to 420. Prepare to shut down both – workstation and mind – open up some bags of importance and make sure proper music is in the air.
Avoid unnecessary exertion and start in your own perfect weekend. In fact, we will do so! As far it concerns me, i think about to get me some ice cream now.
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smoking cigarette papersSmoking Papers are established since 1879 (you know that kind of panchromatic age) for smoker with attitude. Now ourselves, the reality and even the cigarette papers made by smoking are pretty colorfull, but in no sense more digital. Noble papers for noble people!

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Rarely they were as low as now! This week we’re having a real drop in the prices of Hurricanes RoB bongs. Some models (list below!). Again there is up to 15% off and the pipes are just waiting for a storm chaser who takes care of them. Offer is valid until further notice, but only as long as the current stock is sufficient! So, to those who always wanted to get a noble pipe like that, but so far shied away from the high cost, the time has come! Also tell your friends about (but only those who have a sense for good bong – AcrylHeads cares rather less).
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During a planned product range extension we need one thing: lots of fresh space in our warehouse!Therefore, we are forced to sell older items for incredible prices and have collected this expired articles in a new category. You will find this remaining stock section within our famous specials. Its not about that this bongs, pipes and other useful things are of lower quality or so called stockmonsters! Most of them are not to re-order or not available in given shape. So: Down with the prices and out with that stuff!

A few examples:

Remaining Stock: Bongs

Of course, there are many bongs with the remaining stock section. e.g: the Tribal Tatto Bong, which is pictured on the left. A noble pice of smoking fun with sportsmanlike 60cm of height and a 18.8 power cut. The neck of this straight and „easy-to-clean“ cylindric waterpipe is decorated with tattoo-like motives as known from upper arms in the late nineties and afterwards. Downpipe and bowl are separate items, so you can use it for lift-offs. If you dont like to raise the bowl with every draw, there is a kick-hole at the left side.

Remaining Stock: Shisha
There are orientiel waterpipes as well as bongs in our new category. In the specific case you will find a Kaya PNG 450 out of the Premium Narguile Genuine series – a chosen piece of smoking culture with 45cm of height and fully equiped with hose, bowl and ashcatcher. For those, who want to smoke this pipe in company with frieds, there is also a hose adapter for a 2nd hose in the package.

Remaining Stock: E-Cigarettes
Also some e-cigarettes of the popular eGo-T series is available in our remaining stock section. If you are thinking about to get one of these practical evaporators, here you will find a favorable possibility. Also suitable as a gift for those who are willing the stop smoking or as an option in problematic environment.

Grinder or herb mills, as these little helpers were called in the 20th century, are to fulfill more than only one important tasks. Its not only that the use of a cruncher (a third name for the same device) means much less work than the traditional method using a weed board with chopper or a at least appropriate scissors, you will receive much finer result as well and avoid blisters on your fingers. Unfortunately, most high quality grinders are looking very similar. For those who are used to take care about an unusual and colorful design are often a little bit disappointed.

Cookie Grinder

Battery Grinder

As said before, this problem applies mainly to high-end grinder made for best result and a long lifetime. Cheap grinders made of acryl or material of similar value are often in much more individual designs and got a rather eye-catching effect. Especially for outdoor action during the summer months it is advisable to bring rather a budget herb mill than a expensive grinder, to avoid bitter tears after the valued cruncher was lost in the middle of a mountain lake.

Hexagon Grinder

Can Grinder

Most of the grinder you saw above has a camouflage effect in addition: You have to take a closer look to determine the nature of the device. Unpleasant visitor wont
see at the first glance …

With water pipe smokers in particular, the different bong features may cause some confusion and often results in a mispurchase. That’s why we want to give you some information on the different glass joints.

A Bong’s Joints

A Joint is the connection part of Glass bongs, usually the lower part of the downpipe that goes into the water and and the connection of bowl to the stem or diffuser. They always need to have the same joint size with the most common being 14.5mm and 18.8mm.
Unfortunately, these joints are rather fragile and prone to break. In the worst case scenario, the broken joints may make the bong unusable. Therefore, some manufacturers came up with some ideas.

Hammer Joints

The Hammer Joint prevents the problem with the rather thin glass connection parts which may crack due to careless movements and ruin the downstem—or even worse, the whole bong itself. The Hammer Joint has a thicker glass around the upper connection and thus tolerates even a rougher treatment. Nevertheless, it has its limits. No glass bong is absolutely break-proof.

Solid Tank Joint

The Tank Joint goes one (small) step further. In comparison with the Hammer Joint here the glass connection is just a hint thicker. Well known for their Tank Joints are the G-Spot Bongs among others.

Inside Cut

The Inside Cut works in a similar fashion using the glass material of the pipe itself. The glass on glass connector for the downpipe or diffuser is here the opening on the bong itself and does not stick out. Thus, the bong body is less susceptible to lateral tensile breaking loads and the associated damage. If there occurs a crack, it will be only the downpipe.

Joint Sizes

Regarding the joint sizes, different standards are established by now. Usually, you get the bongs or waterpipes and the necessary accessories with the following diameters:

  • 12.5mm
  • 14.5mm
  • 18.8mm
  • 29.2mm

The most common sizes are the two medium ones. Sometimes you may encounter 12.5mm with very small glass water pipes, and 29.2mm is restricted to the extra large monster bongs.


If you e.g. want to use some old bong accessories—like bowl, downpipe or diffuser—with a new purchase but the joint sizes don’t match, you may find an adapter very helpful. They are easily available for the most common sizes, reducing from 18.8mm to 14.5mm or the other way around. Other adapters for the small joint sizes to the larger sizes are very rare and hard to find.

The times when it was really cumbersome to weigh stuff with spring or beam scales are finally gone, due to technical development. For quite a while now we have a large selection of digital weighing scales of different capacities and price ranges.

Rather new however is the individual shape and extraordinary design that the manufacturers of digital scales use for their devices. Thus, there are scales available now that follow the looks of other portable devices of similar size.

Digital scale in cell phone look

Scale with radio

Digital scale and calculator

heavy duty baggage scale

Yet, not all weighing scales that differ from the usual design with a lid or folding weighing pan are automatically camouflage scales. Some models with a different visual appearance have features that make these weighing scales to a true multifunctional device.

The model on the upper left corner may not allow you to phone but digital scales with integrated radio or calculator (really helpful when there are multiple margins to add) are rather common now and enrich the comprehensive assortment of digital weighing devices.

The last pictured scale—a baggage scale—is not suitable for the use in the kitchen due to the missing weighing pans. But it comes really handy if you need to check the weight of your suitcases with all the purchased souvenirs at the end of your vacation trip. Otherwise, any excess weight might make your trip more expensive than you probably had calculated previously.

Of course, any object can be put at this modern variant of a classic spring scale.

An overview on all available models are in our Digitalwaagen Shop

Glass tobacco pipes are not made only for your display cabinet—even though these precious handcrafted pieces of art certainly would look great there.

First of all, our three new pipes with color gradient are made for smoking—with as much style as you can get. These glass pipes are real attention getters with their unique coloring.

You can find these products among other striking pipes in the category Rainbow Glass pipes.