… don’t really exist. The term *Artistique* in this connection rather
stands for the obvious artistry of the glass designer and the
unmistakable, classic touch he gave his creations.

In these times with the designers running wild, creating the most
mind-blowing water pipes (with a huge fan base, and rightly so), it’s
almost refreshing that a bong looks just as you’ve been used to for
decades– the good ole classic style.

The designer here totally did without cute and playful glass
applications and twisted details. The cleaning brush or its user will be
grateful for that with the first cleaning at the latest.

The *Artistique Bongs* are currently available in various models that
chose appropriate namesakes:

All water pipes of these series have a sturdy glass thickness of 5mm.
This doesn’t make the bongs invulnerable of course, yet blows and kicks
that would mean the end to other glass bongs cause here much less problems.

As all of you know: blunt smokers are usually not blesse with a lot of spittle. But its not only this physical disability that makes your blunt fallen to pieces, also the gluestrips that comes on the blunts are often
dried out or of reduced stability. Three cheers to another helpful tool:

Juicy Blunt Glue

It is very easy for inexperienced rollers too. Just put a small quantity of blunt glue directly on the „papers“
edge and you wont have any troubles to roll a goodlooking, stable and nontoxic spliff.
Of course, there is no kind of chemical additives inside, but only natural adhesive like cellulose, which does not a secrete any flavour. That make a blunt glue suitable for all kinds of flavoured blunts and also for old cigarette papers and similar.

This glue and other useful Blunt Equipment is placed here.

Not just backpackers appreciate stash cans due to their convenient size and their inconspicuous appearance. They are a great alternative to the often unsafe compartments of traveling bags. Also car drivers use these small storage containers for change or other valuables that shouldn’t be seen so easily from the outside. Not to forget the usefulness of a miniature safe if you go on a bust at night in unsafe areas.
We’ve added to our already large assortment of stash cans a couple of new models. So now there is an increased range of applications which may be interesting for new groups of buyers since the containers aren’t available only as soda cans but also in various other designs as well:

Finally there’s a way to smu