You are looking for the final kick of 2015? For yourself or your homie? See here our suggestions. Tenderly selected from our toplists and bestsellers of 2015 for a most eventful 2016. TGIF

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It’s friday and – in our time zone – it is getting closer to 420. Prepare to shut down both – workstation and mind – open up some bags of importance and make sure proper music is in the air.
Avoid unnecessary exertion and start in your own perfect weekend. In fact, we will do so! As far it concerns me, i think about to get me some ice cream now.
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smoking cigarette papersSmoking Papers are established since 1879 (you know that kind of panchromatic age) for smoker with attitude. Now ourselves, the reality and even the cigarette papers made by smoking are pretty colorfull, but in no sense more digital. Noble papers for noble people!

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headshop spring offer
It was the day before yesterday – the evening before the long and dark night between October and March – when everthing was set for a relaxing hibernation: a stock of cigarette papers, filled lighters, filter and a clean ashtray. And now? Everything is messed up and yuk! Time to clean the table and set up a new order … see our replenishment suggestions here:

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During a planned product range extension we need one thing: lots of fresh space in our warehouse!Therefore, we are forced to sell older items for incredible prices and have collected this expired articles in a new category. You will find this remaining stock section within our famous specials. Its not about that this bongs, pipes and other useful things are of lower quality or so called stockmonsters! Most of them are not to re-order or not available in given shape. So: Down with the prices and out with that stuff!

A few examples:

Remaining Stock: Bongs

Of course, there are many bongs with the remaining stock section. e.g: the Tribal Tatto Bong, which is pictured on the left. A noble pice of smoking fun with sportsmanlike 60cm of height and a 18.8 power cut. The neck of this straight and „easy-to-clean“ cylindric waterpipe is decorated with tattoo-like motives as known from upper arms in the late nineties and afterwards. Downpipe and bowl are separate items, so you can use it for lift-offs. If you dont like to raise the bowl with every draw, there is a kick-hole at the left side.

Remaining Stock: Shisha
There are orientiel waterpipes as well as bongs in our new category. In the specific case you will find a Kaya PNG 450 out of the Premium Narguile Genuine series – a chosen piece of smoking culture with 45cm of height and fully equiped with hose, bowl and ashcatcher. For those, who want to smoke this pipe in company with frieds, there is also a hose adapter for a 2nd hose in the package.

Remaining Stock: E-Cigarettes
Also some e-cigarettes of the popular eGo-T series is available in our remaining stock section. If you are thinking about to get one of these practical evaporators, here you will find a favorable possibility. Also suitable as a gift for those who are willing the stop smoking or as an option in problematic environment.

Filtering of toxic substances is a important issue in current discussions. Beside water filtering, climatic controll and exhaust emissions, the lowering of undesirable ingredients in tobacco smoke is a big subject to all smokers. Gone are the times in which cigarettes were made of black, full flavor tobacco and cigarette filters were only for childs and collectivists. But, which possibilities for filtering exists? There is more than only one solution:

Filtertips – Cardboard filter

Some older smoking folks (to all activists who may concern: yes there are a lot of them) are familiar with cigarettes equipped with simple paper filter to avoid annoying tobacco crumbs between lips and teeths. In order to achieve producers used small cardboad rolls stuck on one end of the cigarette. Sometimes these rolls were fixed with little strings, especially with asian kinds). Today, these filtertips are available separately and in various length and width to allow „self-configuration“. Friends of conical cigarettes can choose of special tips, made for this purpose . Some producers of cigarette papers attach these filters to there rolling papers.

Cigarette filter

Typical cigarette filter for self-rolling (even as with manufactored cigarettes) are made out of cellulose (which in turn is made of wood) and are not only to avoid tobacco crumps, but also to reduce the quantity of condensate and other toxic ingredients of tobacco smoke. There are at least 2 different kinds of thickness to support different rolling styles. Slim filters are getting more popular the last years, in which many smokers change to rather slim cigarettes. Some of these filters are equipped with a small chamber with active char coal in the middle to enforce the effect of filtering. But, it is not possible to shorten the filter without loosing the coal.

Pipe filters

Also filters for tobacco pipes are often supported by a charcoal filling. Beneath the filtering effect itself, these filters are also ideal to soften the rather harsh pipe smoke. Usually a pipe filter is of 9mm width, what makes it adequate for most classic tobacco pipes, but unfortunately not for e.g pure pipes. Pipe filters are also useful for blunts and multi-papers cigarettes. In addition: you can use these pipe filters more than once, but for many cigarettes.

Old fashioned bongs are delivered without any special gimmicks, but only with the most important parts like a bowl and the downpipe. There are e.g no screens for the bowl. Also extras like pre-cooler, diffusor or even a percolator are not part of the usual pipe. Especially if you going to buy a budget bong. These pipes are rather recommendable for purists, traditional smokers or even beginners trying to avoid to start with an expensive bong by financial reasons. If you want the most effective and smooth smoke you have to go to the „advanced“ category.


The most simple way to cool smoke is a bong with ice carbs, which are typically designed just below the mouth piece and provides the option to fill in some ice cubes. Smoke will be inhalted through these cubes and will give the effect of a very fresh expierience. Take attention about the size of the cubes – got to fit in the very bong – and that the cubes shall be removed after smoking to avoid a flood after melting (particular if you have a pipe with shothole). If you bong does not provide this possibility, it is possible to pimp you pipe with separate add-on for ice cubes.

Downpipes with diffusor

If you dont want to add ice, the using of a diffusor downpipe would be the next step. The difference between this kind of chillum and common ones are the closed bottom part with holes to allow the smoke to whirl. By this, the smoke will be freshed up with oxygen to reduce the effect of scratching in the throat and annoying coughing fit. On the other hand, a diffusor will reduce the „kick“ of smoking and is much harder to clean as usual downpipes (but you wont have as much dirt in the bong itself).

Bongs with inline percolators

Bongs with inline percs are using the very same physical principle as a diffusor, differed by the fact, that the smoke wont be whirled in the first step (downpipe) but after it leave the water.
The advantage is the possibility (depends on the bongs size) to use more than only one perc-reactor. There are many pipes are equiped with up to 3 pers in row to provide best effect.
Friends of shotholes will be disappointed. There are no holes to add oxygen during smoking, but it would be useless by the nature of the perculator system. There is one tear on this soup: perculator bongs are rather hard to clean and comparatively easy to destroy. Handle with care !

Pre Cooler

In most cases, pre cooler are add-on to mount between bowl and chillum, but there are more than one producers adding this feature to the bong itself. It is of easy principle: a second water tank will be placed before the chillum to a.) expand the load of water and b.) have a separte dirt/ash catcher. Maybe to most effective kind for smoothing your smoke.

Caused by increasing accuracy and robustness of digital scales classic, the importance of analog scales more and more subsides. Also the fact that cheap digital scales are barely more expensive than mechanically alternatives is responsible for the low availability of these kinds of classic scales.

Analog scales – Pros

The most important advantage of an analog scale: you are not in need of any power supply. No batteries, no accumulator, no plug. Beside that, pan scales are more durable that any others. Digital and spring scales can be easily destroyed by overloading, which is not possible with pan scales.

Analog scales – Cons

In short terms: Analog scales are not as accurate as digital ones.

Kinds of analogous scales

There are two basic variants of mechanically scales: classical spring scales known from your physic class and grandmas good old pan scales (no modern scale could ever help to get apple cakes like that one were made with a pan scale).

Hang it: Spring scale

Spring scales

Most of you are familar with spring scales from your physic classes and maybe you were used to label it „Newtonmeter“ (which is in fact a wrong term).
The principle is simple: the wheight is determined by the tension of the spring. Be carefull with overloading: this would disable the scale forever.

Known from grandmas kitchen and from court: Pan scale.

Pan scales

Perhaps the most classical scale of all. Pan scales are indispensable in any kitchen and widespreaded in households managed in a retro-style.
The principle is based on a fixed point in the middle of the weighing beam. When both scales were brought to equilibrium, the result can be concluded by the weight placed on each side. PS: dont use a scale blindfolded – you wont be able to assess properly .

To be honest: the headline of this post is a little bit dramatically decrease, in fact you can enlight your waterpipe with nearly every kind of standard lighter you have bought in a 24/7 store. In emergency situations, even matches are suitable, but not really ideal. Best practise is to find a high-quality lighter with a great deal of gas power.

Clipper Lighter – gets bigger with more gradient.

The first question you should ask, is about the kind of problems that can occur using a standard lighter or matches. Basically, there are four points to consider:

  • lighter should produce enough heat to glow the whole bowl at once. Particularly big glass bowls often jam up, if the smokers provides to less heat. Fatal if you are using a one-hit bowl.
  • an similar effect is observable if your lighters flame is to small for the bowl. Beware of lighters with low fuel.
  • negative taste by e.g petrol gas.
  • scorched fingers by holding the lighter diagonally to the bowl.

Safety first: Keep away from Children nevertheless.

Special lighters – made in prior for bongs and waterpipes – have the advantage of a powerful jet, which provide a large and hot flame suitabel for even big bowls. There a also kinds of „intelligent“ pocket dragons with adjustable jets. This instrument allows to regulate the flames gradient.

Get the power: Hot beauty.

Please avoid every kind of petrol filled lighters. Besides the mentioned influence on taste, there are a lot of ingredients which wouldnt be very beneficial for your health – a smoker should take care about that point.

The times when it was really cumbersome to weigh stuff with spring or beam scales are finally gone, due to technical development. For quite a while now we have a large selection of digital weighing scales of different capacities and price ranges.

Rather new however is the individual shape and extraordinary design that the manufacturers of digital scales use for their devices. Thus, there are scales available now that follow the looks of other portable devices of similar size.

Digital scale in cell phone look

Scale with radio

Digital scale and calculator

heavy duty baggage scale

Yet, not all weighing scales that differ from the usual design with a lid or folding weighing pan are automatically camouflage scales. Some models with a different visual appearance have features that make these weighing scales to a true multifunctional device.

The model on the upper left corner may not allow you to phone but digital scales with integrated radio or calculator (really helpful when there are multiple margins to add) are rather common now and enrich the comprehensive assortment of digital weighing devices.

The last pictured scale—a baggage scale—is not suitable for the use in the kitchen due to the missing weighing pans. But it comes really handy if you need to check the weight of your suitcases with all the purchased souvenirs at the end of your vacation trip. Otherwise, any excess weight might make your trip more expensive than you probably had calculated previously.

Of course, any object can be put at this modern variant of a classic spring scale.

An overview on all available models are in our Digitalwaagen Shop