Now, it is summer again! The thermometer shows reasonable info, 5 hours of sleep seems to be enough and nearly all of those hectic people are slowing down significantly. For us, there is still hard work to do! We have to clean up our stock for the sensations we expect in fall and, therefore, we had to cut down a lot prices to the minimum. To cut a long story short: best prices for a short while!

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Shisha friends, and even those who are attracted to the fruity tobaccos, have a hard time! On the one hand, there is still the problem that only insufficiently moistened tobacco is available in Germany (which can, however, offset by the use of glycerin or molasses), on the other hand are the days of flavored tobaccos probably counted anyway … thanks to Brussels! Time to look for alternatives. One option is: BIGG Ice Rockz Dampfsteine.
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To be an honest and ambitious smoker is sometimes a very annoying job. Its getting harder nearly each day to have a good smoke and there are no signs of redemption in near future. The newest idea issued by the anti-smoking party is the prohibtion of aromatic tabocce, which makes our hookha sessions so unforgettable .
So, theres is nothing left as to look out for alternatives, which offers nearly the same features as we are accustomed to and as we expect.
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mosaicshishaIt is fascinating to see, what come up with a manufacturer of hookahs to make their hookahs unique and distinguishable from other models. This is of course not only a matter of forms, equipment and smoking performance of the very hookah, but also – and this point is highly important for friend of decoration and furnishing – the appearance of the glass body of the hookah bowl, which makes a good part of the impression of the whole pipe. Anyone familiar with the countless variations of motives, colors, gradients and accessories, can not believe that there is anything left in this sector. Sorry, but incorrect! Now we present some new designs of modern shishas, which are extremely innovative and without previously known counterpart.

mosaicshishaBut it is not only the glassbowl, that works as an eye-catcher for these pipes. The slightly Byzantine mosaic style of the bowl is – of course- a highlight, but the rest of the waterpipes highly supports the impression of a high-quality shisha. Both, hose and nargile adopt the overall appearance and form a unit that represents the unique characteristics of thise Hookah. Hoses in flower-style adopt the colorscheme of the bowl, while the nargile gives exact visual counterpoints to confirm the overall design concept.

mosaicshishaThere are four variants of mosaicstyle hookahs for the moment. These pipe does not only differ by size, but also by a very individuell design at the whole. Specifically, there are following styles:

To be honest: the headline of this post is a little bit dramatically decrease, in fact you can enlight your waterpipe with nearly every kind of standard lighter you have bought in a 24/7 store. In emergency situations, even matches are suitable, but not really ideal. Best practise is to find a high-quality lighter with a great deal of gas power.

Clipper Lighter – gets bigger with more gradient.

The first question you should ask, is about the kind of problems that can occur using a standard lighter or matches. Basically, there are four points to consider:

  • lighter should produce enough heat to glow the whole bowl at once. Particularly big glass bowls often jam up, if the smokers provides to less heat. Fatal if you are using a one-hit bowl.
  • an similar effect is observable if your lighters flame is to small for the bowl. Beware of lighters with low fuel.
  • negative taste by e.g petrol gas.
  • scorched fingers by holding the lighter diagonally to the bowl.

Safety first: Keep away from Children nevertheless.

Special lighters – made in prior for bongs and waterpipes – have the advantage of a powerful jet, which provide a large and hot flame suitabel for even big bowls. There a also kinds of „intelligent“ pocket dragons with adjustable jets. This instrument allows to regulate the flames gradient.

Get the power: Hot beauty.

Please avoid every kind of petrol filled lighters. Besides the mentioned influence on taste, there are a lot of ingredients which wouldnt be very beneficial for your health – a smoker should take care about that point.

The success of a relaxed shisha meeting depends on the quality of the water pipe itself of course, the selected tobacco, functioning seals, an elaborate setup … and the choice of hookah coal . Especially rookies in smoking shishas often ignore the importance of the correct variant of coal and not only the worst failure – the using of barbecue coal, which can cause serious health problems – could be the reason for some kind of bad surprise.

For beginners: Instant Coal

Do not use barbecue coal …

Charcoal made for barbecue is not effective for smoking hookah, but can cause poisoning by some very unpleasant ingredients: e.g petroleum. By the way: it is not a problem to use some kinds shisha coal to broil your steak. Especially some sorts of spare coal are primarly made for this cause.

Sorts of hookah coal

In essence, the hookah friend distinguishes between three different types of hookah charcoal:

  • beginner friendly, fast ignition coal – includes small quantities of non-toxic black powder or magnesium.
  • Natural Charcoal without additives.
  • spare coal won of olive wood or coconut shells

Pure Nature – without any additives

Pros / cons of the types of coal

Fast ignition coal is suitable for beginners: You can easily ignite and it will burn off most pleasantly.
However, this kind of coal will show some individuell taste, which is not prefered by advanced smokers.

Coal without any additives will not show this feature. The taste is pure, not loaded and this kind of coal offers a much longer constant output. But, there is no chance to get it ignited with an ordinary lighter. You will be in need of some more advanced tools to do this job. Take care of having a lighter with some extra power or – better – use a camping burner from the start.

Just like the modern sorts of spare coal: using a special lighter is mandatory, but you would be rewarded – providing a correct setup – with some „extra time“ and „extra taste“… recommended for experienced users

Spare „Coal“ – Bamboo

Anyone who takes his or her waterpipe on the road preferres it to be
shielded from open view and of course protected from breaking. For that
reason we have now added very convenient and padded cases for bongs.
They come in two different sizes and colors. These bong cases are
available either with a waterpipe inside or separately without, i.e.
empty. They are not only
great for glass or acrylic waterpipes but also for oriental hookahs.

Thus, these cases allow a safe transport of your darling even over long
distances and rough roads. No matter where you want to go — to a party,
a fest, the beach or anywhere else — your pipe is safe! Of course, you
can also use it to transport other fragile valuables as well.

Premium hookahs combine an excellent smoking performance with
extraordinary design and looks for a great price. Apart from the Premium
Waterpipes in the common
sizes, we now included some smaller waterpipes by the same manufacturer
in our assortment.

This waterpipe is perfect for connoisseurs who love the combination of
style and convenience. Its size of just about 35cm allows to take it
along in a backpack or bag so you can smoke it wherever you want. At the
same time, this hookah is a beautiful piece of art and high-quality

Of course this waterpipes come fully equipped with ash tray, pliers,
tobacco bowl and pipe. The metal parts are made from a nickel-copper
alloy and thus hardly prone to corrode.