Cigarette paper tear apart even before you’re close to it? It is easy for you to fold cigarettes, but you will never understand how someone can really roll it?
Adhesive surfaces are your nemesis and you’ll never understand why there are rollers, who dont give at least the half of the cigarette as a gift to Pachamama? And – of course – you cant stand the corny sayings, that comes with each of your tries to roll your own?
Get rid of the pain and get yourself some Cones and show the folks your understanding of a beautiful spliff ..
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Did you enjoy the bong you received? Is the quality of the digital scale ()best, ()good, ()doitswork, ()so-so? Does the chocolate blunt keep what it promise and does the cigarette papers meets the demands of critical smokers?

One who ordered at an onlineshop, got something to say afterwards! And we want to know your opinion … now!

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Oh yes – there was a time when nearly everything about growboxes was much simpler. The choice of different sizes was much more clear than today and also the
equipment was less or more self-determining in respect of a lack of alternatives. But years went by and an abundance of new boxsizes and even boxes for special issues were launched. This and a rising range of equipment, especially grow lights of deviating kind and luminous intensity, which made growing an easy-going job, leaves more than one noob or technology phobic with a metaphorical questionmarks above their forehead-

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A pronounced oceanic feeling, whispering cerebral convolutions and infinite relaxation: This is what we expect from a gentle wave rushing to more gentle beaches in mediterranean climes. Exactly this impression – in a transferred sense – was intended by the makers of Wave Bongs during the development process of this new bong series. Also, the focus may be the rousing nimbus of an ocean wave running relentlessly and vigorously to the beach until it breaks with demanding gentleness on your naked feet (NO! Please dont wash your feet with bong water!). Anyway, Wave Bongs promise dignified smoking experience with a significant chill factor.

To enable this kind of brain vacation without any side effects for even sometimes-chillers and rookies, Wave Bongs gave up the idea of huge water volume and the related „hard draw“. Each pipes are between 35cm and 45cm of height and promises best balance of smoke cooling, performance and handling. Those, who wants the more of cooling will enjoy the additional ice carbs. But take care about the small gap between shothole and carbs to avoid overflowing coolant (Bongwater!). In favor of the small price there are no percs or other additional somke moderation systems.

Therefore, each pipe in the category Wave Bongs which cost more than 20 Euro. Here is the full list of available Wave Bongs:

  • Wave Bong „Liquid Lurch“ 42cm
  • Wave Bong „Liquid Lady“ 35cm
  • Wave Bong „Liquid Lord“ 40cm
  • Wave Bong „Liquid Lightning“ 33cm
  • Wave Bong „Liquid Linesman“ 40cm

All with 18.8mm cut, all with stable foot or round bowl, all complete with glass insert and all with verve!

It is time for a new category in our blog! Behind the link „Headmins Favs“ (i like this pun) we will irregulary introduce you to our individuell favorites. That can be bongs of exciting smoking performance, Add-Ons of existential meaning or technical innovations within the growsection of genuine handling and – in common – future „Must-haves“. To say short: products catched our eyes the second we open the box in which it was sent to us and which did not lost this impression during are harder check. Lets start with (fanfare):

Royal “Godfather” Icebong

In our view, the non-capriciously basic shape of this pipe – what is of course a point of individuell sight – does its share to make this bong incomparable. Cone-shaped
glass got some advantages: thanks to the greate base it will stand with more stability and in addition you wont have any hard-to-reach corners in case of cleaning. By and large, the Royal Godfather is rather easy to clean. The ice carbs are not too big and you wont have problems with the brush.

Royal Godfather in our shop

Excitement is also triggered by the joint-system. Not only gives the 29,2 connection at the downpipe and 18.8 at the bowl a pretty easy draw, in addition the ground is stable at the extreme and only to destroy with violence.

Grinder or herb mills, as these little helpers were called in the 20th century, are to fulfill more than only one important tasks. Its not only that the use of a cruncher (a third name for the same device) means much less work than the traditional method using a weed board with chopper or a at least appropriate scissors, you will receive much finer result as well and avoid blisters on your fingers. Unfortunately, most high quality grinders are looking very similar. For those who are used to take care about an unusual and colorful design are often a little bit disappointed.

Cookie Grinder

Battery Grinder

As said before, this problem applies mainly to high-end grinder made for best result and a long lifetime. Cheap grinders made of acryl or material of similar value are often in much more individual designs and got a rather eye-catching effect. Especially for outdoor action during the summer months it is advisable to bring rather a budget herb mill than a expensive grinder, to avoid bitter tears after the valued cruncher was lost in the middle of a mountain lake.

Hexagon Grinder

Can Grinder

Most of the grinder you saw above has a camouflage effect in addition: You have to take a closer look to determine the nature of the device. Unpleasant visitor wont
see at the first glance …

To those, whose eyes are shopping too: head&nature headshop and growshop got a brandnew design, for what many brilliant designers were jailed, not to see daylight until they found the best look&feel a headshop customer can expect. So guys, heres the result.

headshop design

Of course, we didnt change the category system, therefore anything is still at the same place as you were used too. In fact, we add some new categories in intention to make browsing more comfortable. Moreover, we are currently in process with some nice add-on like a tagging system and shortcuts for basic features like colors, brands or
product size. This will give customer, the one who already have a basic orientation, the chance to find his/her very product much more easilier and faster than before.

headshop design

Do you have any suggestions or criticism? Dont hesitate and send us your opinion by mail, facebook or as a reply to this post.

Enjoy headshopping!

Not only newcomers to the world of hand-rolled cigarettes but also veterans of the rolling business can be puzzled by the sheer variety of papers on the market. Here’s a digest on different types of rolling papers.

Quite some people stand by their cigarette paper of rookie days, others are completely flexible and use everything they can borrow without thinking about it.

Rolling Papers

Sizes of cigarette papers

Regarding the size of papers there are short and normal papers, long papers and paper rolls which allow free choice of the length. Also the width differs between papers.

  • Normal Papers: The most common size of papers is around 70×35 mm / 1 1/4 inches.
  • Long Papers: Long papers usually aren’t just longer but also wider than normal papers. Their length centers around 110 mm. There are even rolling machines designed specially for these papers.
  • Rolls: Rolls allow to choose with every cigarette how long exactly it should be. The width is fixed but the length is totally individual.

Materials for cigarette papers

The most common material for papers ist cellulose which can originate from different plants:

  • Wood
  • Hemp
  • Rice
  • Flax


Papers differ with regard to the used gum. The glued surface can consist of gum arabic or dextrin. The paper itself can be treated with a burning aid or completely natural.

rolling papers

Well-known manufacturers of cigarette papers

Some of the most popular manufacturers of rolling papers are OCB, Gizeh, Smoking, RAW, Rips und Rizla. Papers with flavour grow more and more popular, some examples for providers of these papers are Juicy Jays, Brown Sugar und Golden Wrap.

In the old, dark times, before advanced smoking technologies spread around our planet, durable tobacco pipes were rather thin on the ground. Mostly made of low-quality material (or, as in the case of corncob pipe more or less the same as single-use product), these pipes simply didnt stand a great deal of heat… not the best recommendation for a tobacco pipe.

Therefore, heat resistant was one of the higher regarded aspect of a meerschaum pipe. Sepiolith, a sort of mineral primarily to locate at the eastern Mediterranean area (preferential in Turkey) offers best features to avoid dreaded „oversmoking“. This and the famous neutral taste made the meerschaum pipe one of the most popular smoking devices in history.

The tale began in the 17th century in central europe – first of all in Vienna. Meerschaum pipes became most popular in competition with cheap pipe made of poor, soft wood. Remember, Sepiolith is not wood, but a mineral, so dont worry about tropical timber you dont want to have as a „pipe version“.

Also dont worry about the typical color a meerschaumpipe will get with its use. Its not abug, but a feature!
Meerschaums are noted for this characteristic and true fans wont clean it.

But, there is one tear in the beer: Meerschaumpipes are rather vulnerable to break. You better take care about if you want your pipe to become a family heirloom finally.

Long-awaited and finally put into action: Our first product video online.
E.g absolutely topical, the light show for Ehle 500 ml Icebong with curved neck.

Especially for bong product videos are very helpful to facilitate the choice of the appropriate smoking device. But our filming action is not reduced to this sector. There are also short films for e.g. digital scales traveller’s pipes and chicha equipment to be seen online.

We’ve been yet busy producing and will eventually publish our product videos on our Youtube-Channel. Due to the fact that producing videos is far more time consuming than taking pictures it will take a while before we are able to complete the collection. Thanks for your patience. We try to consider proposals and queries (if possible). You can use the „comments feature“ to this article.