You are looking for the final kick of 2015? For yourself or your homie? See here our suggestions. Tenderly selected from our toplists and bestsellers of 2015 for a most eventful 2016. TGIF

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Today we want to introduce you to a new member of the Headmins Favs category: Please welcome a classic among the glassbong: the „Red Smoke“ by BAM BAM Bhole. Simple, no frills, but with ice twist and a kick with much oomph! A smoking experience of a special kind is waiting for you, you and – well – even you …

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Again, we can proudly announce a fresh piece of smoking culture, which we want to introduce in this category (headmins elect their most precious products) with deserved elation. It is a
Boost with all features you want to have: optically, of high quality and with a power that makes you roasted. And all that at an almost unbeatable price / performance ratio. Read a laudatio!

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News from the series „Headmins Puff machines“! This time we want to introduce you to Grace Glass Bongs, a producer of waterpipes, which cause strong turmoil in the last weeks and month. Scarcely, a brand has ever won as much attention as these wonderful glass bongs. Why that is exactly, we want to demonstrate based on the model „Lewd Sable Lucy“, which is exemplary for all percolator bongs by Grace Glass.

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headmins favsWe spark off a new round of our Headmins Favs, on to another bong worth to build a temple (voluntary unpaid workers wanted). Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Klingon battle axe among the waterpipes, the optical extra kick, the ultimate smoking tool for puffheads: the
Wild Wild Perc by Highline.

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headmins favsThere is a lot of new stuff, which currently float our stock and, of course, there are a pretty extraordinary pipes among, but one icebongs was so extremly
formidable that we cant avoid a new post for our „headmins favs“ category. With tears in our eyes we proudly present Black Leaf’s Smoke Generator. Working titel: „Bong Weedjotes ride against the mills“….

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Ok, you know it, we know it: EHLE 500 isn’t one of these strange car races, but the half-litre version of one of the most famous and also most admired bong series of the whole planet. Thomas Ehle, a professional glass master builder, is head of a tradionell
family business, developing glass instruments since over 50 years and emphasizing high quality in respect of the glass as well as the fashioning of the pipes.
Those who ever hold an EHLE in hand, will confirm the special feeling they got: the pipes are coherent and this view will be enforced by smoking it, of course.
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Welcome to a new piece of the Headmin Favs, the branch of this blog, which introduce you to the favourite bongs of our webmasters. Today with: Weedstar Ladykiller XL, a keen alternative to compareable pipe of the upper price sections and with 25cm of rather small size. There are no percs or diffs, but: also males will fall for this ladykiller!

There are significant resemblances to other pipes from Weedstar. The coloring of the applications is exactly the same smashing blue, that is known from the whole brand and that makes bongs by weedstar so distinctive. Of course, there is also the matching logo/lettering on the neck part, which indicates that Ziggy Jackson took part on the draft. Even the edge of the mouthpart and the knob at the bowl are colored that way and could be taken as a proof of paternity.

The smoking features of the Weedstar Ladykiller makes clear, that this bong is a rather old-school one. There are no cooling elements like percs or diffusors, but this wont reduce the power of the bong. Because of its rather small capacity you wont suffer while smoking. The smoke is gently and mild and even beginners will appreciate the impact. There is only one tear in my beer: Bowl and downpipe are one unit, what makes it very impractical for lift-off. You have to use the carb hole for the application of fresh air.

headmins favsAgain, we want to introduce to you an extraordinary piece out of our headmins treasure chests. This time, we chose a classical bong with bowl to praise on the altar of smoking gods: the DortMund by Highline. Sure, we are aware that this pipe (especially during the football season) will produce but a little enthusiasm of 17/18 of german males and for sure, the blue neighbours of Dortmund wont give us applause, but this pipe convince with 1st class smoking behaviour.

Once again, a rather simple bong finds the way to our category Headmin Favs. But: this time you see a original good-old-style bong with bowl!. Nevertheless, the Highline Bong Series
also offers some real adventoures designs for friends of extraordinary optic as well. But we want to praise the „DortMund“ for it rather plain appearance. „Dortmund“ is a german town (known by its famous football club) as well as a pun. German words „Dort“ („there“) and „Mund“ („Mouth“) are combined to a shy hint about what to do with this pipe. So you dont have to be a football fan to enjoy this pipe: high water- and smoke volume will give you best smoking expierience and the conservative design makes the pipe very easy to clean.

On to the next example of Headmins Favs – the introduction of pipes&more most loved by head&nature admins. A few weeks ago we were recommending the „Godfather“ by Royal Bongs and now its an icebong again made it to the top of the list:Glass bong with magical marble.

For millennias marbles played a major role when it comes to leisure activities. No matter whether Romans, Egypts, Mesopotamia or in other ancient cultures, they all had a cushy number, but all time without an attached smoking tool. But, this times of half-fun are over now. Clever scientist now devolped a piece of joy, for which supporters of puristic fun-culture were waiting for almost endless times: A combination of a marble and a glass waterpipe. Future generations are relieved and happy with their lives again!

But now an end to cultural education, and let us speak Tacheles: What makes the marble bong a Headmins Fav? At first the very idea, that not only arouses the child in me, but also represents a special form of Dadaism what is reason enogh for veneration. Then there’s the blue! A blue, i tell you,that will make the blues gone thats left after you have a smoke this pipe. In addition, there is the sound of the marble at the draw. Who wants to strengthen its blubber with glass sound is exactly right width this glass bong. Moreover, the bong got 5mm of glass thickness, what makes it suitable for somewhat unorthodox handling (though not any nonsense) and a spaciously designed bowl, which should correspond to the expectations of harden power-smokers as well as to these of fans of pack smoking.