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<p>The <a href=Growboxes made by Eastside Impex did a Donnerhall for the indoor scene of this galaxy, but one thing we did miss up till now: living room ability. Now, the guys of Eastside did their best to make the new series „Ambient“ and „Vista“ more elegant than before and, therefore, a real crowning for your living room. Particularly noteworthy: The version Vista Triangle is best practise for growing in a corner of a room for it has a triangle shape.

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Our newcomers fit just fine to the current weather situation: hot, dry and – well – furnished. So do not be stressed, sit back and enjoy. Hectic will be back soon enough.

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LED grow king
Huh, do you remember these good old times, when we create rich guys on the upper floors of energy providers, just by using grow bulbs with a high demand for electricity? Gone and over now: LED lights by Growking need significant less power than common growbulbs. No, there wont be a new motoryacht for the CEO … never mind!

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Starting from 13,95€! Don’t miss our introductory prices for Elektrox Super Grow Bulbs. Available in all important power classes 125W, 250W, 400W, 600W and 1000W. If you werent able to afford common bulbs… there is no getting around it now. See also: BioTabs – the easy way to fertilize and GHE Farming Systems for those who appreciate compact solutions.

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vote win

Now, these are the days we beckon with appropriate sadness to the last rays of the warm autumn sun and clothe us firmly in long pants, jackets and cuddly Hipster beard.
A glass of mulled wine – or of course another isotonic soft drink of your choice – and lots of fun chilling at home on the couch. If all that is too warm for you, you can win a EYCE (kit homemade Ice Bongs) in our competition this month.

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Now, it is summer again! The thermometer shows reasonable info, 5 hours of sleep seems to be enough and nearly all of those hectic people are slowing down significantly. For us, there is still hard work to do! We have to clean up our stock for the sensations we expect in fall and, therefore, we had to cut down a lot prices to the minimum. To cut a long story short: best prices for a short while!

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Agreed, there is nothing better than a room full of neat atmosphere with sexy swaths of happieness, which seductive caress our noses? And .. dont forget the day-after-expierence, when the room give us a pleasant memory of the previous night. Unfortunately, not everybody like this kind of tuning as we do and some dry parents/roommates/neighbours lack the sense for correct air and insist on fresh oxygen. Though oxygen is the natural enemy of every smokers, what can we do to save the house peace?

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It is the same with modern grow boxes as with electric razors? There are no possible significant improvements? Wrong! Especially with a highly crucial point of homegrowing – the effective light that really reaches the plants – there are still advantages left to gain. No only in tenths of a percent, but a real significant growth in direction to the optimum. The well known producer Homebox even speaks of a more of about 20% of effective light that serves the plant. This is thanks to a new coating on the inner tents: PAR+ is the magic word! The enhancement of PAR – Photosynthetically Active Radiation
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Growtents by Homebox are well known for best results and for an efficient grow on small setting. To provide these advantages, Eastside Impex (producer of Homebox)
offers a whole fleet of various tents in all sizes. So you can choose from a large set to find you best-practise box with ideal proportions for your very room. So, there should be no wishes left regarding the size of the tents, but a lot of growers are detered by the rather high price of original Homebox tents. But there is a silver line on the horizon: despite losses regarding the light proofment, you can secure a full-scale Homebox for rather small money.

This offer aims chiefly at grower, who are not punished by external and unwelcome light source, which would have a bad influence to the photo period of the plants. As long as the box is used in a indoor facility without contact to e.g sun rays or other sources of external light, there is nur use to have a light proofed box and you can easilier grow with a LiteBox. In most cases, you wont have any problems with your breed and even yield quantitative is compareable to high-class, light-proofed Homeboxes.

Apart fromthe differences in matters of the material properties, a Homebox Lite is a 100% reliable breeding box, which isnt second to the bigger brother and sisters regarding mounting possiblities for hoses and wires, load capacity and functionality. If you are going to grow in a dark cellar, an attic without windows or in a separate chamber, you wont have any reason to buy a high-end box. Tip:: Looking for a all-in-one set with a homebox lite? Please check our
Growbox Tool

Plant breeders, whose demand exceeds the supply of single cultures on the windowsill, found themselves usually faced with the problem of proportionality – as the costs, which are to be expected didnt match the value of the expected outcome. Too much got to be paid for power supply as well as for climatic technology to avoid overheating. Only with larger acreage or valuable plants, the use of high-wattage sodium lamps is actually recommended. A certain remedy was the use of energy-saving lamps, which are cheaper to operate and also easier to handle during assembly. Especially in the vegetative phase a low-energy CFL or fluorescent bulbs represent a real alternative, but the future of lighting technology in the breed is, however, influenced by a much more efficient and, above all, resource-friendly technology, which has successfully left the the experimental phase in recent years and is now useful even in the amateur and semi-professional sector: Lets talk about modern LED Grow Lights.

The advantages of LED lighting compared to conventional technologies are diverse.

  • Improves power consumption. The power consumption of LED lamps is sometimes well below the usual values ​​for NDL. The electricity bill becomes leaner
  • Precise light: LED lamps got not as many fluctuations in the light spectrum as analog bulbs.
  • significantly low heat. Event hermetic rooms as Grow Boxes wont heat up as quickly as with MH bulbs. The use of climate control can sometimes be waived.

LED bulbs are available in various styles at the moment . First, we have separate offers for 90W UFO LED for the growth and the flowering phase in the range. But also a dual or a switchable version for those who want to spare the conversion before flowering. If you want to illuminate rather small areas you can also rely on a cheap LED spot, which can accurately align to the plant. This spot uses only 3W.