Welcome the good taste! The equally popular as transparent Klear Blunts by Kingpin are now available in: Peach Paradise, Goomba Grape and Blueberry Bomb. Kink free and of protected taste thanks to the transport cover. A holiday for fruit lover… even for those who have no talent for rolling!

Mehr Bongs:

* incl. 19% MWST + Versand

HomeLine Granulate Line:

Fed up with the reek? CarbonActive,
the manufacturer of the highly effective activated carbon filter with the same name, has something new: HomeLine Granulate Line coconut-based activated carbon . Slightly heavier, but even more efficient in respect of the cleaning power and significantly cleaner, because there is no common coal to trickle out.

Bio Nova:

Bio Nova provides both mineral and organic fertilizer solutions for all media, phases and special cases. If you appreciate healthy and rapid plant development you have to try it!