Today we want to introduce you to a new member of the Headmins Favs category: Please welcome a classic among the glassbong: the „Red Smoke“ by BAM BAM Bhole. Simple, no frills, but with ice twist and a kick with much oomph! A smoking experience of a special kind is waiting for you, you and – well – even you …

The „Red Smoke“ has everything a bong needs, but rule out any unnecessary gimmicks, what meets our idea of best smoking performance. Thanks to very good cuts, the flow of this bong is awesome and serves the kick directly and ice cold. The last feature is owed to the ice twist, which is made with attention to the pipes stability. Cracks or even breaks, which can happen easily with cheap bongs can be excluded and, therefore, the „Red Smoke“ will be the darling of every smoker with rather gross motor skills. At the frist glance, the bowl appears a little bit undersized, but dont care about that… the capacity is sufficient and you will hear the pipe bubble as it should be.

Video zur Red Smoke