A modern growbox for less than 80 Euro? Secret Jardin – inventor of the famous DarkRoom and Darkstreet Growtents – are out with news: a new series of budget boxes, that aims primarily at „by chance – growers“ and generally those, who shy from great investments for high-end boxes. Now, that is history! Hydro-Shoot tents (check also our complete bundles) provide everything you need for a succesfull grow – except the the hole in your wallet, which would be caused by upper-class boxes.

Grow boxes have gone through a rapid development in recent years. And sure: most of the recent innovations were very important for professionals or at least ambitious growers and had very good effects on the grow and its results. But actually, some of these innvovations – as the constant improvement of the light-tightness – can be neglected by beginners. Moreover, it is not important for rookies if the tent will reflect 98% or 99% of the light provided. That is the gap, for which Hydro Shoot is heading! Tents with high standards and class, but for a price that a hobby user can afford.

Of course, there is no need to do a grow without the most important features of a growbox. Hydro Shoots has it all: solid zippers, connections for hoses and wires and also the frames with a load capacity of 10kg is sturdy enough for common bulbs, reflectors and air-systems most growers would use inside a growtent. The rest is question of size! Hydro Shoot tents are currently available in three variants: 80, 100 and 120 with 0,64m², 1m² and 2,88m². Dont want to configure your own system? Check also our Hydro Shoot bundles for less stress and more effectivity.