One of the most popular bong brands of the last years celebrate a new linie of extraordinary pipes. And, as expected, the guys of Grace Glass applied some outstanding creativity for their pipes. Moreover, not only the design is best, but also the smoking behaviour of the new bongs is worth a hundred of shots at least. These bongs fulfill all the expectations, a bong smoker can have for a powerful device. Read and see more of these precious darlings here …

It is the first glance that makes one thing clear: GRACE did not do things by half-measures and delivers outwardly exceptional and high quality bongs with verve. According to the developments of the last years, all pipes are equiped with efficient cooling systems. So, smoking athletics are in the agony of choice between different types of mushroom and honeycomb-percolators.

In the past, all Grace Glass bongs were known for their extreme robustness, what was some kind of trademark of GG pipes. Again and in this respect, the new series convince by continuity: all bongs, bowls and downpipes are of exemplary quality and forgive the one or other inattention.