Again, we can proudly announce a fresh piece of smoking culture, which we want to introduce in this category (headmins elect their most precious products) with deserved elation. It is a
Boost with all features you want to have: optically, of high quality and with a power that makes you roasted. And all that at an almost unbeatable price / performance ratio. Read a laudatio!

It is a piece of glass with 40cm of height and a 18.8 cut. That is, what makes the „Gear Roaster“ a pretty middle-class pipe, but at the top of that league! The brilliant contrast of the blue mouth parts with the red base frames the clarity of the glass almost perfectly. The thing you notice upon first after unpacking is – beneath the mentioned colorful expierience – that the „Gear Roaster“ is a very study kind of pipe.
Pretty solid indeed! Those who had already lost more than a loyal pipe because of a rather bad eye-hand coordination will enjoy these features.

The quality of glass is consistently high and even the ice carbs are blessed with impressive thickness. The downpipe joint – the most neuralgic point of every bong – is made the same way and is pretty very robust and fault-tolerant. The same with the joint between downpipe and (exchangeable) bowl: Again, this stabilizing feature provides a plus of safety and lifespan (of the downpipe in that case).

Thats all left a word about smoking performance: lets get roasted!
Previously such pipes were reserved for the high nobility !