Agreed, there is nothing better than a room full of neat atmosphere with sexy swaths of happieness, which seductive caress our noses? And .. dont forget the day-after-expierence, when the room give us a pleasant memory of the previous night. Unfortunately, not everybody like this kind of tuning as we do and some dry parents/roommates/neighbours lack the sense for correct air and insist on fresh oxygen. Though oxygen is the natural enemy of every smokers, what can we do to save the house peace?

Canned fresh air

It is not a big thing to fresh up little rooms or small flats. Tiny odor controller like the Vaportek-Systems works with a small ventilation system and fragrant essences, are easy to refill with separate refill packs and does not only cover one odor with another, but absorbs the bad air completely. The rest is- in dependence of the fragrance – a fruity smell, which expels every memory of cigarette or other kind of smoke. Sometimes it is even enough to place an open refill pack in the middle of the room. That is enough for the fast smoke in-between. In fact, there are versions of odor controller, which does not apply a mechanical device at all, but comes only as the freshness-out-of-can thing. That is even enough for spicy smokes! Aunt Hedwig wont find anything to complain.

If you need it bigger: Exhaust systems

But there are also the big kind of partys that makes bigger solutions necassary. If you have 6-8 bong artists in a confined space, the windows are tend to bulge inwards and your cat get red eyes, it is beyond the power of the systems mentioned above. There is only one way out: you have to suck the fug out (then it is a problem of the fauna in your garden)! All you need is – at least in the private sector – a small solution that brings a fan, some hoses and a slightly open window. This is the little man’s air conditioning!