Have you already planned the after-family-shock party on Christmas Eve? Are you going to have a lot fun with your best friends but still no idea for little gift for your host? If he/she is a shisha friendly person, a travel suitable hookah my a very good present! DUTCH – one of the most important producer of budget waterpipes offers excatly that: oriental shishas easy to operate and with dignified casing. Especially genial for a last minute gift action!

Dutch Minis are available in two different versions – not to mention the color variants. The first is real cozy-version with cute 24cm of height and securely repackaged in an extremely handsome metal tin with oriental flair.
These pipes are easy transportable without any danger for you or the hookah and set up or disassembled within a few seconds. And, of course, everthing is on hand: a plate for the ashes, ventil and seals.
For those who like it colorful these Dutch-Pipes offers five different colors of glass:

  • light blue
  • dark blue
  • red
  • black
  • green

In addion: for those who prefer it a little bit bigger, DUTCH also offer a 2nd version with 29cm of height. This pipe does not come in a can, but in a highly decorative metal case, which is nearly as space-saving in your bag as the canned version. Smart: those who are going to give away these waterpipes on Xmas-Eve won’t be in need of any additonal gift packaging. The box alone would do that job! Of course, you can enhance the impact of festive joy by using a small bow with it – but thats not imperative!

This series is available in excatly the same color versions as mentioned above, but offers an additional option: who don’t like the blues or the red or green pipes, can also obtain a pink variant of these very handy and attractive oriental style waterpipes.