News from the series „Headmins Puff machines“! This time we want to introduce you to Grace Glass Bongs, a producer of waterpipes, which cause strong turmoil in the last weeks and month. Scarcely, a brand has ever won as much attention as these wonderful glass bongs. Why that is exactly, we want to demonstrate based on the model „Lewd Sable Lucy“, which is exemplary for all percolator bongs by Grace Glass.

Already with the first glance, we see a bong with a kittenish and dreamy design, which is paradigmatic for all pipes of this brand. In case of the „Lewd Sable Lucy“, there are no attached deco-only applikation (as seen on other pipes by Grace, which got in instance glass bubbles on the pipes moth piece), but also the look of the functional elements does fullfill high expections. That affects not only the spiral-perc, which is placed in some kind of cave, but also the upper mushroom-perc located right below the ice carbs. Togehter, this 3 parts build a highly effective smoke soothing combination.

A part of this system is also the diffusor headed downpipe, which got something rarely seen before and what gives the pipe some kind of additional look: a black colored showerhead diffusor. The overall picture is rounded out by appropriate coloring of the mouthpiece and the bowl. But, whats about the smoking performance? There is rather no difference between the “Lewd Sable Lucy” and other, compareable high budget bongs.
Impermeable cuttings between bowl and downpipe make this pipe a device of first-class performance. There is a handle on the bowl to avoid burnt fingers during the lift-off action and if you prefer the european way: there is also a kick hole, which is sealed with a rubber by default.