Admittedly, the demand for incense to burn has something subsided in recent years. One reason for this is the Zeitgeist, which does not woreship ethnic culture as it did the last twenty or thirty years. Another reason is the lack of alternatives for old school incense like Patchouli or Sandalwood, which – i may say so – bored me to death. So, are there any possibilties left for those, who wants to scent their apartment, but are weary of old and dusty flavors? Take a look at the Juicy Jay’s incense sticks with modern and fresh fruit flavors. This is like a fruit salad for the respiratory system!

Those who enjoy blunt smoking from time to time are well familiar with Juicy Jays as a producer of aromatic tobacco leaves for self-rolled cigars. On its very own sector, this brand convince by a wide stock of different flavours, which offers – similar to fruity waterpipe tobacco – are brand new smoking expierience. To convert these flavours to incense sticks was a logical and desirable step. Therefore, Juicy Jays does also offer their whole stock of fragrances for incense sticks now.

If you are an experienced blunt smokers, you will be familiar with well know scents as „Tropical Passion“, „Orange Overload“ or „Grapes Gone Wild“. These flavours got a thundering call for blunt as well as for sticks. Even if you are looking for a rather sweet odor, you will find your favourite sort: „Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough“ is one of my prefered flavours and i only can confirm that breathing is as pleasant as the smoke of the blunts. Best choice for a cosy, dark winter night with some hot beverages.