The quality of a glass waterpipe depends on many aspects. One of the most important is – of course – the kind of glass. One can win at this point, but also can loose a lot of smoking expierence. It starts with the shock sensitivity, also includes the wall thickness and wont find its end with the nature of manufactoring. This post shall explain all trivia and informatives about bong glass, which sort is prefered by professionals and the points you should have cast your eye on. On to the world of glass technology!

Glass type

You dont have to possess an abundance of phantasy, to recognize the relationship of glass bongs seen with laboratory equipment. Actually, many manufacturers not only produce bongs, but also glasses for chemical processes.
Even in this matter, one thing is most important: heat resistance and the value of thermal expansion (it indicates how the glass expands at temperature fluctuations – a matter that could cause cracks). Most producers use borosilikat, which has been found for such purposes as an ideal. But, this is only the bottom of the flagpole! Better you have a bong made off

Duran Glass vby Schott

Common borosilicate is indeed very resistant! But, if you want to use your bong without shy and fear of destruction, you better take care of advanced glass technology. Duran glass by Schott is the first choice of many professional bong producers, what can be verified by the lifespan of the pipe. Blessed with heat resistant and with low thermal expansion, a bong made off Duran glass can be a faithful companion for a long time.

Next i have to forward my thanks to Bodo from Merling Bongs who draw my attention to an error on that post. Mistakenly i wrote that good bongs are made out of one piece of glass and cheap pipes got separate, attached pieces as the downpipe connections. That was wrong! All pipes are made out of separate pieces. Some producers take care about
this sensitive matter, others wont. If the connection was attached in proper style can be checked by visible (or missing) bubbles inside the glass.