headmins favsWe spark off a new round of our Headmins Favs, on to another bong worth to build a temple (voluntary unpaid workers wanted). Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Klingon battle axe among the waterpipes, the optical extra kick, the ultimate smoking tool for puffheads: the
Wild Wild Perc by Highline.

What makes the Wild Wild Perc a Headmins Favs? Which features makes it so outstanding, that it deserves a place in this Olymp of smoking devices (sorry for this coquetry)? The answer is in the total package! Still a few years ago – the time that perc pipes are new on the market – these bongs were rather budget killing in regard to their prices, which were far beyond the debt limits of e.g students. A pipe of quality like the Wild Wild Perc was much more than these 30 Euro you will be nowadays. In addition you have very sturdy and solid quality. Those who take the extraordinary design as a invitation for glass damage is simply wrong. At exactly these potential breaking points the finishing was done considerate the problems of glass. Highline made a very good job in this respect. This pipe is a outstanding good and tolerant playmate.

Very striking also the design of the ball!
Because the pipe does not provide a separate base, it’s the finishing on that very point that becomes a highly relevant issue. But also these consideration are pretty pointless. The quality of the glass will forgives much of the day-to-day disasters like careless down putting or even the most fall overs. The Wild Wild Perc is equiped with a 4-arm perculator, which provides a pretty gently smoke and with a handy separated bowl/downpipe combination, which allows you to pimp your bong as you like it most.