Portable vaporizer are greatly on the rise. Up to these days, most high-end devices which provides a good steampower and efficiency were table-sitting and correspondingly big in size and rather challenging to handle. But – times went on and producers are producing – so a new generation of handheld vaporizers are available. One of these steammachines, that put us in trance is the Da Vinci Vapo.

The trend is towards „On-the-Road“! And this is not only for modern communication technology, butfor all equipment involved in regular use in everyday life. So it is with vapos. Especially former smokers are interested in having their vapo always available and cant afford to transport a device in the size of a microwave oven constantly. So many vapoheads are insist on a handheld, operating with battery and with all the power are table-fixed Vaporizer would offer. Thats why we talk about the Da Vinci in this occasion.

Unlike other portables, the Da Vinci offers the opportunity to handle the temperature mutable and to check it directly at the display. Especially for material, which can appear in variable consistence, it is very handy to handle loose material at lower degree than compact stuff.

One disadvantage of many vaporizers is the temperature of the steam itself. It is often to warm to fulfill the expectation of the user. Therefore, many producers equip their devices with long and flexible mouth pieces to enforce the cooling of the steam. Da Vinci offers two different length of these snorkels: a short one, which comes with the vapo itself and a long one, that can be ordered seperatley if needed. So even
sensitive natures will find their pleasure with the Da Vinci.

Most common vaporizer, which claims to be made for „street use“ are restricted for the use with solid material, but refuse to work with oil. But even those who dont want to waive fluids will find a good deal of pleasure with the Da Vinci. By means of two oil tanks – which are replaceable parts – the Da Vinci is most suitable for this kind of consumation.