Do you know that? Once your bong gets in contact with the sink or it attracts the attention of the gravity while standing close to the open window or a fluffy friend in car size walks over the pipe … you will always receive a treasure of shards. Why the hell? Some say, it is a game played by satan, others think about a plot by the bong producers who want to sell more new pipes. A few others with paranoia whisper about a natural feature of glass. It is going to break easily … scandal !!!

Solid: 7mm Weedstar

But, often it is the strangest theory, that happens to be true: secret services do spy and glass do break! There is only carefulness, respect and a glass as thick as possible, that protect
glass and will endure the one or the other hard hit or kick. Lemmy (or whosoever had created this universe) had given the people the following standard values of thickness, which will be indelible values for the whole subculture of bong smoking:

  • 3mm
  • 5mm
  • 7mm
  • 9mm

security fanatic: 9mm by Blaze

No – sorry, that was a lie! It isn’t a rule that a bong has to be produced with a glass thickness as mentioned above. These

Doch was jetzt so prima nach einer ewig gültigen Regelung aussieht, kann leider leicht (ent-)täuschen. These statements unfortunately are often only a rough guide and not exact. A bong that is said to have „3mm thickness“ often only have 2.8mm or 3.2mm. This inaccuracy is in the manufacturing process and can not be avoided. In addition, these pipes got this thickness at the straight parts (cylinder, base, neck) only. Everthing with curves is excluded (e.g ice-carbs) and therefore more prone to breakage. But, also if you choose a 9mm compact bong like the „Erlkönig“ on the left picture: be careful and have respect. Glass tends to break …