To be an honest and ambitious smoker is sometimes a very annoying job. Its getting harder nearly each day to have a good smoke and there are no signs of redemption in near future. The newest idea issued by the anti-smoking party is the prohibtion of aromatic tabocce, which makes our hookha sessions so unforgettable .
So, theres is nothing left as to look out for alternatives, which offers nearly the same features as we are accustomed to and as we expect.

One of these alternatives means to switch from traditionally tabacco to a kind-of-vaporizer solution. As it is the case with electronic cigarettes, there is no combustion of tabocco (and the toxics it contains) if you are using e.g Shiazo Steam Stones. But, of course, you wont have to spare the features a hookha smoker expects from his/her hobby. The flavourings are as good as if you are tobacco. So, if you plan to quit smoking or even to stay fruity in feeble times, these steam stones are an excellent choice. It costs as nearly as tabacco and there are a lot of flavours available.