headmins favsThere is a lot of new stuff, which currently float our stock and, of course, there are a pretty extraordinary pipes among, but one icebongs was so extremly
formidable that we cant avoid a new post for our „headmins favs“ category. With tears in our eyes we proudly present Black Leaf’s Smoke Generator. Working titel: „Bong Weedjotes ride against the mills“….

Does the Smoking Generator offers a good smoking performance? Of course, it does! How about the cuts? Leakproof and good for best expieriences. The price? Is in the range of the ordinary! But, the childhood spirit in us all will cheer and sing about the obvious feature of that bong. This windmill makes me wish to dance over a meadow full of flowers (let me finish this post and i will do so). And thats why the Generator had found its way to the „headmin favs“. It offers an abundance of pretty good playfulness and seems to sing : „Dont take life too seriously“ ! Congratulation to Black Leaf. It is just my kind of bong.

There are those, who are always looking for a drop of bitterness and so … here we go: Often it is the case that you would rather love to watch your frieds smoking than
doing it by yourself. The reason is, that the smoker wont have the best view on the windmill. But dont mind… your friends will have their excitement when it is your turn to light it up. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Headmins Favs: Black Leaf Smoke Generator”

  1. Mark Says:

    Couple questions regarding the Black Leaf Smoke Generator:
    1). Does it matter if I add water through the main stem or should I add water through the bowl stem?
    2). How much water should you put in the bong before using?

  2. Mozart Says:

    Hi Mark,

    you are better off if you fill water through the bowl stem. It is much faster.

    The quantity of water depends on your smoking style. A half chamber works fine for me, but others like more or less water.

  3. johnny Says:

    Hey, Mozart and Mark… I was wondering where you fill yours to. I fill mine usually over half. But the water goes up into the main chamber and hits the windmill. I cant hit the bong without water going into the upper chamber… is the water supposed to touch the windmill? Cause i cant get it to spin if there is no water up there too.