Ok, you know it, we know it: EHLE 500 isn’t one of these strange car races, but the half-litre version of one of the most famous and also most admired bong series of the whole planet. Thomas Ehle, a professional glass master builder, is head of a tradionell
family business, developing glass instruments since over 50 years and emphasizing high quality in respect of the glass as well as the fashioning of the pipes.
Those who ever hold an EHLE in hand, will confirm the special feeling they got: the pipes are coherent and this view will be enforced by smoking it, of course.

These pics shows variant of the 500ml versions, but the features are valid for all pipes: best smoking performance. There are no drags (unwanted air your draw through bad connections,which are feared with other brands or no-brands). The connections between chillum/bowl and chillum/pipe are as perfect as they can be.
This is due to EHLE dont buy any separate finished parts to re-brand, but produce every parts by their own and by hand. A simple test will show: if you try to move the chillum in the cut, other brands will rattle, EHLE parts wont. Thats a feature even with equipment (as long as it orignal by EHLE). Pre-Coolers and ashcatchers are fitting exactly and there is no reason to fear any loss of performance.

EHLE is also a role model for dealing with damages. If you got a crack or brack, it is not unusual that EHLE can fix it at low cost. Other pipes – once damaged -are only to be disposed in such cases. EHLE 500 are available in various motives, with or without ice carbs and in two basic shapes: the classical straight one and a bended version for leisurely smoking with your back at the couch.