It is the same with modern grow boxes as with electric razors? There are no possible significant improvements? Wrong! Especially with a highly crucial point of homegrowing – the effective light that really reaches the plants – there are still advantages left to gain. No only in tenths of a percent, but a real significant growth in direction to the optimum. The well known producer Homebox even speaks of a more of about 20% of effective light that serves the plant. This is thanks to a new coating on the inner tents: PAR+ is the magic word! The enhancement of PAR – Photosynthetically Active Radiation

Finally, it is the importance of the light, which really helps the plants to grow as we desire them to do. And this light got to reach the plants in an effective way. On the one hand the color of the inner side does count: white surface does provide better reflection behaviour. But also the material of the surface got influence on the way the light does disperse. It got to be as smooth as possible to supply the plants with as much light as possible. Moreover – many grower made the point, that there is not as much overheating in their tents with PAR as there were before.

More info about PAR+ on homebox.net.