Welcome to a new piece of the Headmin Favs, the branch of this blog, which introduce you to the favourite bongs of our webmasters. Today with: Weedstar Ladykiller XL, a keen alternative to compareable pipe of the upper price sections and with 25cm of rather small size. There are no percs or diffs, but: also males will fall for this ladykiller!

There are significant resemblances to other pipes from Weedstar. The coloring of the applications is exactly the same smashing blue, that is known from the whole brand and that makes bongs by weedstar so distinctive. Of course, there is also the matching logo/lettering on the neck part, which indicates that Ziggy Jackson took part on the draft. Even the edge of the mouthpart and the knob at the bowl are colored that way and could be taken as a proof of paternity.

The smoking features of the Weedstar Ladykiller makes clear, that this bong is a rather old-school one. There are no cooling elements like percs or diffusors, but this wont reduce the power of the bong. Because of its rather small capacity you wont suffer while smoking. The smoke is gently and mild and even beginners will appreciate the impact. There is only one tear in my beer: Bowl and downpipe are one unit, what makes it very impractical for lift-off. You have to use the carb hole for the application of fresh air.