Growtents by Homebox are well known for best results and for an efficient grow on small setting. To provide these advantages, Eastside Impex (producer of Homebox)
offers a whole fleet of various tents in all sizes. So you can choose from a large set to find you best-practise box with ideal proportions for your very room. So, there should be no wishes left regarding the size of the tents, but a lot of growers are detered by the rather high price of original Homebox tents. But there is a silver line on the horizon: despite losses regarding the light proofment, you can secure a full-scale Homebox for rather small money.

This offer aims chiefly at grower, who are not punished by external and unwelcome light source, which would have a bad influence to the photo period of the plants. As long as the box is used in a indoor facility without contact to e.g sun rays or other sources of external light, there is nur use to have a light proofed box and you can easilier grow with a LiteBox. In most cases, you wont have any problems with your breed and even yield quantitative is compareable to high-class, light-proofed Homeboxes.

Apart fromthe differences in matters of the material properties, a Homebox Lite is a 100% reliable breeding box, which isnt second to the bigger brother and sisters regarding mounting possiblities for hoses and wires, load capacity and functionality. If you are going to grow in a dark cellar, an attic without windows or in a separate chamber, you wont have any reason to buy a high-end box. Tip:: Looking for a all-in-one set with a homebox lite? Please check our
Growbox Tool