headmins favsAgain, we want to introduce to you an extraordinary piece out of our headmins treasure chests. This time, we chose a classical bong with bowl to praise on the altar of smoking gods: the DortMund by Highline. Sure, we are aware that this pipe (especially during the football season) will produce but a little enthusiasm of 17/18 of german males and for sure, the blue neighbours of Dortmund wont give us applause, but this pipe convince with 1st class smoking behaviour.

Once again, a rather simple bong finds the way to our category Headmin Favs. But: this time you see a original good-old-style bong with bowl!. Nevertheless, the Highline Bong Series
also offers some real adventoures designs for friends of extraordinary optic as well. But we want to praise the „DortMund“ for it rather plain appearance. „Dortmund“ is a german town (known by its famous football club) as well as a pun. German words „Dort“ („there“) and „Mund“ („Mouth“) are combined to a shy hint about what to do with this pipe. So you dont have to be a football fan to enjoy this pipe: high water- and smoke volume will give you best smoking expierience and the conservative design makes the pipe very easy to clean.