Besides the Wave bongs , theres is another newcomer we have to welcome in the ranks of our glass bong stock: Even the Highline series is not only able to get in contest with established and in some cases more expensive brands, but can also set new marks in some respect . This refers, among other things, the variety of different designs within the series, as well as the smoking performance of the single pipes and, of course, the extremely affordable price we can offer for the Highlines.

As is common for many producers at this time, Highline offers their babes in several different sizes. The smaller one aims at occasionally as well as travelling smokers, there are also some more „athletic“ models with up to 60cm of height at the other end of the range. First ones are equiped with a suitable (compared to the size) 14,5 cut, but starting with the middle class pipes you will find a powerful 18.8 cut, which gives best practise and performance for skilled smokers.

So far as it is usual for glass bongs. The very outstanding feature of Highline products are rather – as mentioned above – the big selection of particular different style. Nearly each pipe is completely different to the others. There are almost no similarities from one pipe to the other. Therefore we can offer a Highline for almost every taste. Starting with rather plain smoking devices to very extraordinary design that appears futuristic / eccentric