What features makes a good vaporizer? Perhaps there are as many answers as respondents, since it is rather a question of both: personal impression and taste.
But two basic points are essentiell for nearly every vapomaniac. The cleanliness of the steam is an issue many consumers take care about. The are often metal or plastic parts with cheap vaporizer, which has a annoying effect to the steam. Bad taste is one of the main reasons why people recoil from the vapo idea.
But, also an accurate performance is on the top of the wish lists of many Vap-heads. Both features are offered by the viVape2.0 by Vaporfection.

Available in black and white

If you have the focus on point two, you will be a kind of surprised by the first glance. Experts know about the problem of many cheap vaporizers: it rattles inside. But why does a rather professional device show this problem? It is rather a feature than a bug. The clear steam you will have with the viVape 2.0 is owed to a big part to fact that all the components, which are important for the heating process, are made out of glass without any parts of plastic or metal. But, glass will expand under heat and therfore these elements wont fit in cool state as well as in operating state. The later will show perfect connections without any rattling, and that is eventually the important fact. Perfect silence for perfect steaming.

Equipment viVape 2.0

The Vaporfection is also generous in a further respect. It is one of the few available Vaporizer, which offers the selection of both important operating modes. You can consume by hose/mouthpiece as well as by a balloon. If you going to use the vape with only one substance, you will be pleasantly surprised by the option to save your prefered settings by a simple touch of a button, which makes the viVape 2.0 easy to handle and fast to setup.