During a planned product range extension we need one thing: lots of fresh space in our warehouse!Therefore, we are forced to sell older items for incredible prices and have collected this expired articles in a new category. You will find this remaining stock section within our famous specials. Its not about that this bongs, pipes and other useful things are of lower quality or so called stockmonsters! Most of them are not to re-order or not available in given shape. So: Down with the prices and out with that stuff!

A few examples:

Remaining Stock: Bongs

Of course, there are many bongs with the remaining stock section. e.g: the Tribal Tatto Bong, which is pictured on the left. A noble pice of smoking fun with sportsmanlike 60cm of height and a 18.8 power cut. The neck of this straight and „easy-to-clean“ cylindric waterpipe is decorated with tattoo-like motives as known from upper arms in the late nineties and afterwards. Downpipe and bowl are separate items, so you can use it for lift-offs. If you dont like to raise the bowl with every draw, there is a kick-hole at the left side.

Remaining Stock: Shisha
There are orientiel waterpipes as well as bongs in our new category. In the specific case you will find a Kaya PNG 450 out of the Premium Narguile Genuine series – a chosen piece of smoking culture with 45cm of height and fully equiped with hose, bowl and ashcatcher. For those, who want to smoke this pipe in company with frieds, there is also a hose adapter for a 2nd hose in the package.

Remaining Stock: E-Cigarettes
Also some e-cigarettes of the popular eGo-T series is available in our remaining stock section. If you are thinking about to get one of these practical evaporators, here you will find a favorable possibility. Also suitable as a gift for those who are willing the stop smoking or as an option in problematic environment.