mosaicshishaIt is fascinating to see, what come up with a manufacturer of hookahs to make their hookahs unique and distinguishable from other models. This is of course not only a matter of forms, equipment and smoking performance of the very hookah, but also – and this point is highly important for friend of decoration and furnishing – the appearance of the glass body of the hookah bowl, which makes a good part of the impression of the whole pipe. Anyone familiar with the countless variations of motives, colors, gradients and accessories, can not believe that there is anything left in this sector. Sorry, but incorrect! Now we present some new designs of modern shishas, which are extremely innovative and without previously known counterpart.

mosaicshishaBut it is not only the glassbowl, that works as an eye-catcher for these pipes. The slightly Byzantine mosaic style of the bowl is – of course- a highlight, but the rest of the waterpipes highly supports the impression of a high-quality shisha. Both, hose and nargile adopt the overall appearance and form a unit that represents the unique characteristics of thise Hookah. Hoses in flower-style adopt the colorscheme of the bowl, while the nargile gives exact visual counterpoints to confirm the overall design concept.

mosaicshishaThere are four variants of mosaicstyle hookahs for the moment. These pipe does not only differ by size, but also by a very individuell design at the whole. Specifically, there are following styles:

3 Responses to “Hookahs in mosaic style”

  1. Scott Says:

    Great hookahs! Love the colours.

    Do they come in pieces and have to be assembled? Or are they connected and shipped in one piece? Thanks for the info!

    – S

  2. admin Says:

    😀 … they come as the whole pipe. If you want to puzzle, you have to smash it first. please note the restrictions in terms of warranty in that case.

  3. Joshua Says:

    Wanted to know if these mosaic hookahs are for sale