On to the next example of Headmins Favs – the introduction of pipes&more most loved by head&nature admins. A few weeks ago we were recommending the „Godfather“ by Royal Bongs and now its an icebong again made it to the top of the list:Glass bong with magical marble.

For millennias marbles played a major role when it comes to leisure activities. No matter whether Romans, Egypts, Mesopotamia or in other ancient cultures, they all had a cushy number, but all time without an attached smoking tool. But, this times of half-fun are over now. Clever scientist now devolped a piece of joy, for which supporters of puristic fun-culture were waiting for almost endless times: A combination of a marble and a glass waterpipe. Future generations are relieved and happy with their lives again!

But now an end to cultural education, and let us speak Tacheles: What makes the marble bong a Headmins Fav? At first the very idea, that not only arouses the child in me, but also represents a special form of Dadaism what is reason enogh for veneration. Then there’s the blue! A blue, i tell you,that will make the blues gone thats left after you have a smoke this pipe. In addition, there is the sound of the marble at the draw. Who wants to strengthen its blubber with glass sound is exactly right width this glass bong. Moreover, the bong got 5mm of glass thickness, what makes it suitable for somewhat unorthodox handling (though not any nonsense) and a spaciously designed bowl, which should correspond to the expectations of harden power-smokers as well as to these of fans of pack smoking.