It is time for a new category in our blog! Behind the link „Headmins Favs“ (i like this pun) we will irregulary introduce you to our individuell favorites. That can be bongs of exciting smoking performance, Add-Ons of existential meaning or technical innovations within the growsection of genuine handling and – in common – future „Must-haves“. To say short: products catched our eyes the second we open the box in which it was sent to us and which did not lost this impression during are harder check. Lets start with (fanfare):

Royal “Godfather” Icebong

In our view, the non-capriciously basic shape of this pipe – what is of course a point of individuell sight – does its share to make this bong incomparable. Cone-shaped
glass got some advantages: thanks to the greate base it will stand with more stability and in addition you wont have any hard-to-reach corners in case of cleaning. By and large, the Royal Godfather is rather easy to clean. The ice carbs are not too big and you wont have problems with the brush.

Royal Godfather in our shop

Excitement is also triggered by the joint-system. Not only gives the 29,2 connection at the downpipe and 18.8 at the bowl a pretty easy draw, in addition the ground is stable at the extreme and only to destroy with violence.