Grinder or herb mills, as these little helpers were called in the 20th century, are to fulfill more than only one important tasks. Its not only that the use of a cruncher (a third name for the same device) means much less work than the traditional method using a weed board with chopper or a at least appropriate scissors, you will receive much finer result as well and avoid blisters on your fingers. Unfortunately, most high quality grinders are looking very similar. For those who are used to take care about an unusual and colorful design are often a little bit disappointed.

Cookie Grinder

Battery Grinder

As said before, this problem applies mainly to high-end grinder made for best result and a long lifetime. Cheap grinders made of acryl or material of similar value are often in much more individual designs and got a rather eye-catching effect. Especially for outdoor action during the summer months it is advisable to bring rather a budget herb mill than a expensive grinder, to avoid bitter tears after the valued cruncher was lost in the middle of a mountain lake.

Hexagon Grinder

Can Grinder

Most of the grinder you saw above has a camouflage effect in addition: You have to take a closer look to determine the nature of the device. Unpleasant visitor wont
see at the first glance …