To those, whose eyes are shopping too: head&nature headshop and growshop got a brandnew design, for what many brilliant designers were jailed, not to see daylight until they found the best look&feel a headshop customer can expect. So guys, heres the result.

headshop design

Of course, we didnt change the category system, therefore anything is still at the same place as you were used too. In fact, we add some new categories in intention to make browsing more comfortable. Moreover, we are currently in process with some nice add-on like a tagging system and shortcuts for basic features like colors, brands or
product size. This will give customer, the one who already have a basic orientation, the chance to find his/her very product much more easilier and faster than before.

headshop design

Do you have any suggestions or criticism? Dont hesitate and send us your opinion by mail, facebook or as a reply to this post.

Enjoy headshopping!

2 Responses to “head&nature gets hip!”

  1. Timtom Says:

    Welcome to our plastic world … sorry, but it was a little bit more individuell before 🙁

  2. Larissa Says:

    Gratulations…much better than before. Really appriciate the more of usability….