Vaporizer, as we are familiar with, are either dapper table vapos like the Arizer or portable emergency vaporizers with gas tank for „on-the-road“. Not really recommendable for classical pipe enthusiasts.

Bong athletes are maybe conversant with special add-on for glass or acrylic bongs, but for pipe smokers it is not easy to find suitable devices. Lack of willingness to seek is maybe one reason, because vaporizer pipes are not fresh on the market and available since a lot of years.

the classic one: Smoke Bubble

Maybe the most established vapo pipe and still one of the most popular. The smoke bubble is designed by the example of a light bulb and is is visible on the first glance, that the concept was founded on the principle of „smoking a bulb“. For those who are not familiar with this low-budget pipe: remove the core of a bulb and its socket, use a bottle closure to seal it and a straw as mouthpipe. Pay attention taking a old fashion light bulb. Modern energy-saving lamps are full of chemical stuff and thing of that nature. It would be not a good idea to use something like that as a pipe.

In contrast to a bulb, the smoke bubble is significantly solid and better sealed making the bubble a better solution for comfort-conscious smokers.

Eagle Bill Shake ‘n’ Vape

Eagle Bill’s Shake ’n‘ Vape is following the same principle, but is considerably more „pipe-like“ than the smoke bubble. Moreover it has a functional sieve-chamber, a feature the bubble lacks. Therefore the Shake’n Vape is more comfortable and easier to smoke. This vape was conceptualized by an indian medicine man of same name, who wanted to make vaporizing more popular.

One thing is the same with both vaporizer pipes: you are in need of a lighter, which gives flame from below. Professional vapo fanatics often claim a heat of an exact degree and would maybe be frustrated while trying to vaporizer herbs, which needs explicit temperature.