A rather unwelcome side effect in growtents or growrooms is the noise made by the fan. Even if you use powerful equipment, a placement close to your bed would disturb your sleep and annoying neighbours with loud humming is probably not the best idea if you want to keep in good neighbourhood. Therefore, what can we do to reduce noise pollution?

Choose your fan carefully

Some fellow homegrower tries to get on the safe side by mounting a overpowered fan in relation to the capacity of their growrooms. Sometimes that makes sense, especially if you place your tent in rather suboptimal surrounding like a roof chamber or laundry facility. But dont exaggerate! Powerful fans are significant louder and you wont be in need of a exhaust system manage 1000m³/h and more for a XS-Growtent.

Mount your fan accurately

Take care your fan is proper mounted. Its important to avoid vibrations transferred to the poles of the tent in particular. This would amplify noise especially if it is carried over to the floor making your neighbour tall, green and angry. Best practise: mount your fan free-hanging to the top structure of your tent without any direct contact to poles.

Insulated hose

Much noise is coming right through the hoses, which connect fan with filter or even the outlets. More than a few growers prefer isolated ducting by using special hoses with mineral wool inside – like it is used with roof structure in building industry. These hoses are heat-proof, so its not a problem to use it even with powerfull bulbs like 600W HPS. Be careful: the wool is similar to glass wool and could make your hands swollen if used careless.

Silencer / sound absorber

If a isoleted hose wouldnt do, you may thing about of using a special silencer (inline silencer). These absorbers are looking just like silencer for motorcycles and are easy to mount between e.g fan and outlet. On the other hand, silencer are rather heavy of weight and simple boxes often does not provide poles sturdy enough for this kind of equipment. Meanwhile, some tent producers take about that. For example, growlabs are designed to handle up to 45kg.

Soundproofing fan

Best of all practise: fans with noise protection. In that case, you do not have only a fan, but also a wooden or metal box with foamed isolation. This concept avoid outgoing noise and can be taken as high-end solution for noise reduction. Unfortunately, this kind of fans are rather expensive and of significant dead load. So you better place it on the ground rather than on the tent structure itself.