Filtering of toxic substances is a important issue in current discussions. Beside water filtering, climatic controll and exhaust emissions, the lowering of undesirable ingredients in tobacco smoke is a big subject to all smokers. Gone are the times in which cigarettes were made of black, full flavor tobacco and cigarette filters were only for childs and collectivists. But, which possibilities for filtering exists? There is more than only one solution:

Filtertips – Cardboard filter

Some older smoking folks (to all activists who may concern: yes there are a lot of them) are familiar with cigarettes equipped with simple paper filter to avoid annoying tobacco crumbs between lips and teeths. In order to achieve producers used small cardboad rolls stuck on one end of the cigarette. Sometimes these rolls were fixed with little strings, especially with asian kinds). Today, these filtertips are available separately and in various length and width to allow „self-configuration“. Friends of conical cigarettes can choose of special tips, made for this purpose . Some producers of cigarette papers attach these filters to there rolling papers.

Cigarette filter

Typical cigarette filter for self-rolling (even as with manufactored cigarettes) are made out of cellulose (which in turn is made of wood) and are not only to avoid tobacco crumps, but also to reduce the quantity of condensate and other toxic ingredients of tobacco smoke. There are at least 2 different kinds of thickness to support different rolling styles. Slim filters are getting more popular the last years, in which many smokers change to rather slim cigarettes. Some of these filters are equipped with a small chamber with active char coal in the middle to enforce the effect of filtering. But, it is not possible to shorten the filter without loosing the coal.

Pipe filters

Also filters for tobacco pipes are often supported by a charcoal filling. Beneath the filtering effect itself, these filters are also ideal to soften the rather harsh pipe smoke. Usually a pipe filter is of 9mm width, what makes it adequate for most classic tobacco pipes, but unfortunately not for e.g pure pipes. Pipe filters are also useful for blunts and multi-papers cigarettes. In addition: you can use these pipe filters more than once, but for many cigarettes.

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    Are there no slim pipe filter…i really do miss a possibility for pure pipes and would be very happy to find some.

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