Growrooms like HomeBox or others are used by self supporters without adequate possibilities for cultivation area – most of them are urban dwellers. Growrooms are perfect for a regulated grow without the big deal of pollution (water, soil, nutrients, etc) other method would bring. Better than growing on your window board as your grandma always did. Equipent like grow bulbs and ventilation can be arranged most suitable on poles and clambs explicit designed for that purpose. These tents are made for growing in your living room.

As the years gone by and the producers of famous HomeBoX growtents were relentless to enhance their product and did so in co-operation with the important US-Producer „Everest Garden Supply“ … the birth of the next generation of growrooms: the Growlab.

HomeBox heir: Growlab

Growlab does not start over with a complete new concept, but enhance an established system to ease growers day to day desaster and provide an extra of possibilities for equipment. An acquainted problem of
previous tents is gone now: zippers are much more robust and are also to handle for rather commonsensible users.

If you felt limited by the construction poles of former versions, this matter is also gone. Up to 45kg of fans, filters, bulbs and timers may be added to your Growlab. The luminous reflectance of the growlabs inner surface was improved again to avoid stray light. Remarkable: Growlabs thermoreflection allows only 3% of heat to dispense. 97% thermoprotection is the result.

Almost a cottage

Growers can select between a wide range of different box sizes. For small tasks like growing seedlings there are rather small boxes available (e.g GL40 40cmx40cmx120cm). Bigger tents like the huge GL290 with almost three meters of length and width seems to be habitable.


A very special feature is unfortunately not part of each Growlab size: GL80, GL120 and GL145 provides a window to check your grow without entering the box itself. Other versions are planned to equip with this nice feature in future.