Different kinds of connection systems often lead to some confusion, especially if you are a beginner or some-time smoker. Here is an example of a typical mail, which frequently reaches our mail inbox.

Dear Friends,

got the bong bowl of my favourite bong broken recently, and so i am desperatly looking for a spare part. Attached to this mail you will find a photo of my pipe. Please help me …

As far as the photo shows enough details to find out which very bong is meant or the perspective allows a conclusion about the joint size, we are sure willing to do our best to help… but that is not always possible and we are forced to write a kind of how-to in reply. To allow us to answer with a blank link, we decided to post the follow on this blog 😉

Bowls for glass bongs

old fashioned glass bowl

It is of a great deal of importance to check the connections size of your bong first. Usually it is 12,5mm (rare), 14,5mm or 18,8mm. Some very big bongs may got 29,2mm too. If you are not sure about, just take a ruler and check the diameter of the chillums hole. Please take attention on the fact, that primaly budget bongs are not produced as careful as branded pipes. Therefore a small tolerance got to be expected. Even it is only a share of a milimeter it could cause some annoying effects: a significant reduction of smoking performance. Original bowls by well known manufactor are more precise in most cases.

After the needed size was determined, you have to choose your favourite kind of bowls, which can be selected of a wide range.

  • One Hit Bowls
  • Bowls with device for screens
  • Bowls of different shape …
  • … and size
  • and a lot of special bowls

Usually you are going to use a screen in your bowl to avoid a loss of filling by slipping through. Only if the diameter of the bowls hole are rather small you can leave the screen. In that case we are talking about a one hit bowl, because this kind is usually smoked with one draft. Pro: a great deal of smoking performance and you dont have to remove ash from the bowl. On the other side the ash will go directly to the bong itself.

with carbs for screen

If you dont want to leave the screen, there ae many kind of bowls with explicit devices (small carbs) to hold the screen suit inside the bowl. There wont be any slipping inside the bowl, but you have to place the screen carefully. Nice feature.

If you are looking for a gimmick, you will find your El Dorado with a great selection of special variants. Combinations of Ashcatcher and Pre-Cooler are very trendy and by that force the producers to innovations thought to make the smoke more suit and smooth.

Ashcatcher incl.

Non-Glass Bowls

screwable bowl – stone

Its much more easy to find a bowl for screwable chillums. By norm, you cant do any wrong and every bowl will fit to every (aluminium)-chillum.
So you are allowed to freak out: a stone bowl to an acrylic bong, a metal bowl to a ceramic pipe or even the other way round – you cant do wrong. Most of these bowls are meant as one hitters, but you can also find bigger bowls for which screens may be recommendable.

screwable bowl – metal