To be honest: the headline of this post is a little bit dramatically decrease, in fact you can enlight your waterpipe with nearly every kind of standard lighter you have bought in a 24/7 store. In emergency situations, even matches are suitable, but not really ideal. Best practise is to find a high-quality lighter with a great deal of gas power.

Clipper Lighter – gets bigger with more gradient.

The first question you should ask, is about the kind of problems that can occur using a standard lighter or matches. Basically, there are four points to consider:

  • lighter should produce enough heat to glow the whole bowl at once. Particularly big glass bowls often jam up, if the smokers provides to less heat. Fatal if you are using a one-hit bowl.
  • an similar effect is observable if your lighters flame is to small for the bowl. Beware of lighters with low fuel.
  • negative taste by e.g petrol gas.
  • scorched fingers by holding the lighter diagonally to the bowl.

Safety first: Keep away from Children nevertheless.

Special lighters – made in prior for bongs and waterpipes – have the advantage of a powerful jet, which provide a large and hot flame suitabel for even big bowls. There a also kinds of „intelligent“ pocket dragons with adjustable jets. This instrument allows to regulate the flames gradient.

Get the power: Hot beauty.

Please avoid every kind of petrol filled lighters. Besides the mentioned influence on taste, there are a lot of ingredients which wouldnt be very beneficial for your health – a smoker should take care about that point.

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  1. thorben Says:

    a great lighter… one of the best i ever owned.
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