The success of a relaxed shisha meeting depends on the quality of the water pipe itself of course, the selected tobacco, functioning seals, an elaborate setup … and the choice of hookah coal . Especially rookies in smoking shishas often ignore the importance of the correct variant of coal and not only the worst failure – the using of barbecue coal, which can cause serious health problems – could be the reason for some kind of bad surprise.

For beginners: Instant Coal

Do not use barbecue coal …

Charcoal made for barbecue is not effective for smoking hookah, but can cause poisoning by some very unpleasant ingredients: e.g petroleum. By the way: it is not a problem to use some kinds shisha coal to broil your steak. Especially some sorts of spare coal are primarly made for this cause.

Sorts of hookah coal

In essence, the hookah friend distinguishes between three different types of hookah charcoal:

  • beginner friendly, fast ignition coal – includes small quantities of non-toxic black powder or magnesium.
  • Natural Charcoal without additives.
  • spare coal won of olive wood or coconut shells

Pure Nature – without any additives

Pros / cons of the types of coal

Fast ignition coal is suitable for beginners: You can easily ignite and it will burn off most pleasantly.
However, this kind of coal will show some individuell taste, which is not prefered by advanced smokers.

Coal without any additives will not show this feature. The taste is pure, not loaded and this kind of coal offers a much longer constant output. But, there is no chance to get it ignited with an ordinary lighter. You will be in need of some more advanced tools to do this job. Take care of having a lighter with some extra power or – better – use a camping burner from the start.

Just like the modern sorts of spare coal: using a special lighter is mandatory, but you would be rewarded – providing a correct setup – with some „extra time“ and „extra taste“… recommended for experienced users

Spare „Coal“ – Bamboo