The times when it was really cumbersome to weigh stuff with spring or beam scales are finally gone, due to technical development. For quite a while now we have a large selection of digital weighing scales of different capacities and price ranges.

Rather new however is the individual shape and extraordinary design that the manufacturers of digital scales use for their devices. Thus, there are scales available now that follow the looks of other portable devices of similar size.

Digital scale in cell phone look

Scale with radio

Digital scale and calculator

heavy duty baggage scale

Yet, not all weighing scales that differ from the usual design with a lid or folding weighing pan are automatically camouflage scales. Some models with a different visual appearance have features that make these weighing scales to a true multifunctional device.

The model on the upper left corner may not allow you to phone but digital scales with integrated radio or calculator (really helpful when there are multiple margins to add) are rather common now and enrich the comprehensive assortment of digital weighing devices.

The last pictured scale—a baggage scale—is not suitable for the use in the kitchen due to the missing weighing pans. But it comes really handy if you need to check the weight of your suitcases with all the purchased souvenirs at the end of your vacation trip. Otherwise, any excess weight might make your trip more expensive than you probably had calculated previously.

Of course, any object can be put at this modern variant of a classic spring scale.

An overview on all available models are in our Digitalwaagen Shop